This incomplete love story will leave you teary-eyed at first, but will fill you with hope

Incomplete Love story

Incomplete Love story

We often hear that first love is mostly bound to fail. Did you ever fall for somebody in your teenage? Even though, they could never be a part of our life, people do have a soft corner for the special one in their heart. Here is a story of Sylvina Jennifer, who ended up falling for a guy she met when she was just ten years old. When life separated them even before they could express their feelings to each other, she did what a normal person would do in these age of social media; she kept a tab on the person with the help of social media. They met once again, still they could not live together. Watch the video to know what happened..

She has shared her unfinished love story to motivate broken hearts.

Watch the video of the incomplete love story here:


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