Times Now exposed!! This video reveals the unethical journalism practices by Times Now

Times Now Exposed

One of India’s most watched English channels ‘Times Now’ has been exposed again for its unethical journalism. The latest incident is in reporting about protest rally organised by Popular Front of India (PFI). Since last few weeks Times Now is running campaign against Popular Front of India, asking for a ban on the organisation based on allegations by right wing organisations. Recently, National Investigation Agency, which is allegedly working on the orders of BJP government has submitted a dossier to Union Home Ministry suspecting ‘terror links’ and suggesting a ban on the organisation. After this, Times Now has accelerated its attack on the Popular Front of India, with different hashtags and half truths.

A video uploaded on YouTube by an unknown handle has exposed unethical journalism practices of Times Now.

As the alliance of Media, BJP and Sangh Pariwar accelerated attack on Popular Front of India and demanded ban on the organisation, PFI announced nationwide protest against it, with a tagline “We also have something to say”. As a part of this series of protest across the country, one was held in Thiruvananthapuram on 7th October. The Times now reporter covering the protest live from Trivandrum first said around 2 lakhs Popular Front Of India workers gathered for the protest, after sometime he said around 1.5 lakhs PFI workers are gathered in the city and later on same reporter said 50,000 PFI workers have gathered for the protest in Thiruvananthapuram.

Yes, same reporter said three different numbers on live TV while reporting about the number of participants in the protest rally.

On same day, in ‘Times Now News Hour Debate’, when PFI Karnataka State President claimed that there were more than two lakhs people in the protest rally, the anchor said PFI is making tall claims about the number of participants in the protest rally.

This is not the first time, Times Now channel had been caught spreading propaganda, lies and hatred earlier too. In the month of June the channel used a 7 year old photoshopped image (exposed by Alt News) as an evidence for ‘Love Jihad’ allegations. Popular Front Of India later sent a legal notice for linking the organisation with a cocked up story.


Watch the video here: Times Now exposed!!

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