Video Mapping on dinner plate : This restaurant entertains diners with wonderful show on their dinner plates!!

Video Mapping on dinner plate

Waiting for your favorite food in any restaurant is tough task, right?? You talk with friends/family or take selfies while waiting for food. A restaurant in Belgium entertains diners with wonderful Video Mapping on dinner plate . Well-known Belgium restaurant, ‘Le Petit Chef’ takes diners for a fun-ride with amazing video mapping while the chef is busy preparing the food.


Video Mapping on dinner plate


In each one of the dishes of the diners, a tiny chef appears that comes out of a hole in the table, along with the main ingredients of the garrison to be used, and begins to prepare a succulent meat grilled, which adds carrots, potatoes and broccoli, while, between back and back, an annoying fly and fire effects fun and surprise everyone.

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Video Mapping on dinner plate


Video Mapping on dinner plate


This beautiful project has been realized by two animation artists – Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck – both are the founders of Beligian company ‘Skull Mapping’. They have made “a combination of projection, with mapping and 3D animation and motion capture on the restaurant table, to create a fun and original animation in which the dishes come to life,” explained the company.

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Concept, design and animation of this project is from ‘Skull Mapping’. They have used two projectors located above the table of diners rental company local audiovisual equipment to conduct four simultaneous animated projections on four plates, as shown in the videos.


Watch the videos: Video Mapping on dinner plate


 1. Le Petit Chef


2.  Le Petit Chef – Lobster


3. Le Petit Chef – Bouillabaisse


4. Le Petit Chef in the footsteps of Marco Polo



5. Le Petit Chef – Dessert 


6. Le Petit Chef – Rice pudding

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