Everything you need to know about Indian version of #MeToo

#MeToo: All about the movement in under 3 minutes

With several cases of #MeToo surfacing against individuals on social media, companies are not just strengthening background verification of prospective recruits, but are also reopening cases to avoid any legal liabilities. This will mean greater scrutiny of the behavior of potential hires, both senior and junior.


#MeToo Movement: Celebs Accused of Sexual Harassment

With the global #MeToo movement finally taking off in India, several heroes across industries are being demolished. Take a look at the pictures…


#MeToo in India: A list of allegations as reported on social media, and followed up by Firstpost – Firstpost

As a second wave of #MeToo allegations have taken over social media timelines in India over the past couple of weeks, a wide range of accusations – from inappropriate behaviour to rape – have been levelled against public personalities from the fields of (mainly) the media and entertainment



#MeToo in India: 14 powerful men accused of sexual misconduct

With India under the firm grasp of the #MeToo movement presently, numerous women from all walks of life have come out sharing stories of their abuse at the hands of powerful men from various backgrounds. Here is a list of some of the prominent ones who landed in hot waters after #MeToo’s breakout in India.


Lata Mangeshkar on MeToo: No one could mess with me and get away with it

Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar believes every woman must be given the dignity she deserves. In the midst of the #MeToo wave in India, she says nobody could mess around with her and get away with it. Your sister Meena’s biography Mothi Tichi Savli has many revelations about you.


“Not My Battle…”: Mallika Dua On #MeToo Claim Against Father Vinod Dua

After media veteran Vinod Dua joined the growing list of journalists accused of sexual misconduct, his daughter Mallika Dua, a popular face on social media, extended her support to the #MeToo movement while carefully maintaining that even though it’s his battle, she will “stand by him”.


MeToo: 11 women filmmakers vow not to work with proven sex offenders in Bollywood

As many as 11 women Indian filmmakers came together on Sunday to support the ongoing #MeToo movement in India. In a statement, they said that they have taken a stand to not work with proven offenders.


Salman Khan’s Ex Somy Ali Shares Her #MeToo Story, Says ‘Was Sexually Abused When I Was 5’

In the wake of the #MeToo movement in the country, Somy Ali has once again shared her own experience of harassment.


Saying #MeToo changed their lives – Times of India

Tanushree Dutta, actor, who has filed an FIR against Nana Patekar ‘This is a milestone, not the destination’ It has been an extremely difficult couple of weeks, especially when I was the only one speaking. I couldn’t back down because I felt I had to hold the fort for others to come forward.


Why Blowback to #MeToo Movement for Not Following Due Process is Completely Absurd

The #MeToo movement has been criticised for not following the ‘due process of law’. Lawmakers like Udit Raj and none other than BJP president Amit Shah have argued that mere verbal statements without furnishing any proof cannot be enough. The argument is that formal complaints should be filed and legal recourse should be sought.


#Metoo: Post-allegation, top academic of IISc set to quit

A highly reputed and senior academic at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, is set to face strict action following a lady PhD student’s sexual harassment complaint against him.


Don’t Give Land for #MeToo Accused Subhash Ghai’s Film School, Fadnavis Govt Told

‘In view of sexual harassment charges on Subhash Ghai and police complaint filed, 5.5 acre land leased by govt in Film City for Subhash Ghai’s film school, be reverted,’ tweeted Vivekanand Gupta, secretary of the BJP’s Mumbai unit.


#MeToo: Decoding validity of defamation suits, rights of accused in sexual harassment cases on social media – Firstpost

In the wake of the #MeToo campaign afoot in India, some individuals moved the Delhi High Court on 11 October to prevent a woman from detailing her sexual harassment ordeal on social media as it implicates the petitioners.


#MeToo Movement: Actress Kritika Sharma accuses casting director Vicky Sidana of attempted rape – Times of India

Kritika Sharma is the latest actress to speak up about her story of sexual harassment and has accused casting director Vicky Sidana of attempted rape.


WATCH: This song about consent in the time of #MeToo movement in India is going viral for the right reasons

WATCH: This song about consent in the time of #MeToo movement in India is going viral for the right reasons | The Indian Express With # MeToo movement gaining momentum in India, a Mumbai-based woman has come up with a song to convey an important message about consent.


#MeToo: Another Singer Accuses Kailash Kher and Toshi of Sexual Harassment

After Sona Mohapatra, singer Varsha Singh Dhanoa has accused Kailash Kher of sexual harassment.


‘I would like to credit Bhanvari Devi for igniting the #MeToo movement years ago’

This week has been as empowering as it has been emotionally draining for the many women who have stepped out of the shadows and spoken about their mental and physical violation, their voices gaining strength as they were joined in numbers by others.


Kangana Ranaut questions Karan Johar’s silence on MeToo, claims he makes women look like Barbie dolls

tv Updated: Oct 15, 2018 11:56 IST Amid the growing #MeToo movement, actor Kangana Ranaut had accused Queen director Vikas Bahl of misconduct and even launched a fresh attack on Hrithik Roshan. The Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi actor has now called out filmmaker Karan Johar for maintaining silence on the burning issue.



Kriti Sanon Questions Veracity of Anonymous #MeToo Stories

Kriti Sanon urged people to handle the #MeToo movement responsibly and to not dilute the movement with their anonymity.


Why we don’t get consent

By Paromita Vohra Perhaps the most dispiriting thing about the stories emerging from the bhadralok #MeToo moment of the last two weeks is that not a single story about men I’ve actually known or met surprised me.


#MeToo: Time to rethink the biased and deeply flawed idea of ‘due process’ that has failed women time and again – Firstpost

The response of many men, and some women, to the calling out of sexual harassers and assaulters on Twitter, is to hark back to sedate and comforting ideas of ‘due process’ and a reliance on our justice system to resolve the trauma of victims, and protect the rights of the accused.


#MeToo: Alok Nath hits back; sues writer who levelled rape charges, seeks apology, Re 1

Actor Alok Nath has filed a civil defamation suit against writer-producer Vinta Nanda. He has sought a written apology and Rs 1 as compensation. Recently, Nanda had accused Nath of sexual misbehaviour and rape that she claimed had occurred two decades ago when the two were working together.


MeToo controversy has made men conscious, says Shashi Tharoor

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has supported the MeToo campaign saying that the shaming their tormentors publicly is the best weapon that the victims of sexual harassment have. (Photo: PTI file) Congress leader and former Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor today said that the MeToo campaign on social media had made men conscious of their behaviour towards women.


The Sisterhood of #Metoo: Here’s What Farah Khan’s Tweets Say About Feminist Solidarity

Filmmaker Farah Khan broke her silence about the sexual harassment allegations that have been levelled against her brother filmmaker Sajid Khan and said that she will, in no way, endorse sexual harassment, and pledged her solidarity with the women who have been ‘hurt’ by her brother’s behavior.


#MeToo rages in Bollywood as Akshay Kumar walks out of Sajid Khan’s Housefull 4 after the director was accused of sexual assault

Actor Akshay Kumar quit Housefull 4 after the movie’s director, Sajid Khan, was accused of sexual misconduct by a former assistant director. Aamir Khan too quit a movie, Mogul , after allegations emerged against its director. After a year of #MeToo in Hollywood, the Indian film industry is seen opening up to the movement.


#MeToo movement explodes: Sajid Khan steps down as ‘Housefull 4’ director | The Economic Times Video

Filmmaker Sajid Khan on Friday said he is stepping down as director of “Housefull 4” amid allegations the he indulged in sexual misconduct with multiple women. At least two actresses and a female journalist came out about their unpleasant experiences with Sajid on social media on Thursday in the wake of the #MeToo movement.


Farhan ‘disappointed’ over #MeToo accounts against Sajid

Actor-filmmaker-singer Farhan Akhtar says he is shocked to read accounts by multiple women who faced sexual misconduct by his cousin and director Sajid Khan. Farhan on Friday took to Twitter to condemn the behaviour of the “Housefull” director, who is the son of his mother’s sister.


Sherlyn Chopra on #MeToo movement: No place for regressive mindset in film industry & society | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood – Times of India

Actress Sherlyn Chopra has come out in support of the #MeToo movement that has given women a platform to speak out their experiences of harassment. She opined that there is no place for regressive mindset in the film industry and society. She said, ‘Whatever is happening suggest that our tolerance has decreased towards sexism, patriarchy and others.


#MeToo: Amid sexual harassment allegations, BCCI CEO Rahul Johri asked to skip ICC meeting

BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, who was accused of sexual harassment on social media, will not be representing India at the upcoming International Cricket Council’s (ICC) chief executives’ meeting in Singapore. The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) told Johri of the decision Sunday, and has now asked BCCI acting secretary Amitabh Choudhary to attend the two-day meeting.


#MeToo: CoA seeks BCCI CEO’s response on anonymous post – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The #MeToo storm hit Indian cricket on Saturday with the Committee of Administrators ( CoA) seeking an explanation from BCCI CEO Rahul Johri for an anonymous account of alleged sexual harassment by him that came up on social media.


#MeToo Movement: Alyssa Milano To Tanushree Dutta, An Overdue Conversation

At a time when #metoo takes over India, this video delves into how it started. The movement needed a trigger for the outburst of tweets, posts and reactions. Sexual harassment and sexual assault finally saw a dialogue and debate. a conversation that had been missing for a while now.


#MeToo: Companies rush to sensitise employees – Times of India

MUMBAI: The #MeToo movement has resulted in a sudden surge in the number of organisations rushing to firms providing training solutions for sensitising the workforce and internal complaints committee ( ICC) members to be fully compliant with the law on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace ( POSH).Companies hastening to download material on the law and training modules in the last few days actually crashed the website of one such training solutions provider, Rainmaker.


Maneka Gandhi proposes panel to probe #MeToo allegations

Union minister Maneka Gandhi and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi Friday strongly backed women who narrated their experiences of sexual misconduct and more as the #MeToo floodgates opened wider with high-profile directors Sajid Khan, Subhash Ghai and Luv Ranjan the latest to be ‘outed’.


Trauma behind each voice, says Maneka Gandhi; wants panel for #MeToo cases

The minister of women and child development Maneka Gandhi on Friday said that the ministry will set up a committee to examine all issues emanating from the ‘#Metoo’ movement. “I believe in the pain and trauma behind every single complaint. Cases of sexual harassment at work must be dealt with a policy of zero tolerance,” Gandhi said on Friday.



Amitabh Bachchan lends voice to #MeToo, says ‘corrective measures’ need to be taken

MUMBAI: With the #MeToo movement raging in India, Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan is the latest celebrity to lend his support to the cause on his 76th birthday. In a blog post on Twitter, the actor discussed the movement, unfulfilled dreams, and his ‘ideal’ birthday.


Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife Tahira Kashyap shares her #MeToo story, says relatives are the real creeps

As the # MeToo movement has gained momentum in India, writer-director Tahira Kashyap, Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife, says sometimes, relatives can be the “real creeps”. The 35-year-old, who dealt with sexual harassment in childhood, revealed her #MeToo story via a long post on Twitter.


“No Problem In Airing #MeToo Grievances In Fair Manner”: Kamal Haasan

Chennai: With the #MeToo movement gaining momentum, actor-politician Kamal Haasan said men accused of sexual harassment by women should respond to the allegations. The movement has gathered pace over the past a few days with a number of women speaking out on sexual harassment at the workplace and support for them pouring in from various quarters.


MeToo movement: Nushrat Bharucha pens open letter in defence of Luv Ranjan

Nushrat Bharucha on Saturday came out in support of Luv Ranjan, who has been accused of sexual harassment, saying the director has never made her feel uncomfortable. In Ranjan’s defence, Nushrat said he is “an opposite to the personality that is being painted recently”.


Ira Trivedi on her #MeToo story naming Chetan Bhagat, Suhel Seth: Was my duty, moral responsibility – Firstpost

An Outlook column by the writer Ira Trivedi is the latest missive lobbed by the #MeToo movement that currently has social media timelines in India in its grips. In the column, Trivedi details her own experiences with sexual harassment in the literary world – more specifically from two prominent figures who have also been named in other #MeToo accounts: Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth.


Hollywood to Bollywood: #MeToo campaign gains traction in India

The #MeToo movement has expanded from Hollywood to Bollywood, with top Indian film stars and politicians being accused of sexual assault. In the patriarchal society, allegations against men in power are frequently not taken seriously by the authorities and, if they make it to court, intimidation of victims and coercion of witnesses is commonplace.


#MeToo: MJ Akbar’s use of ‘predatory’ tactics, sexual harassment in newsroom – 14 women share their ordeal – Firstpost

Editor’s Note: This article has been republished in the light of junior foreign minister MJ Akbar’s return to India. Akbar has been accused of sexual harassment by at least 14 women journalists and is expected to respond to the allegations amid growing call for his resignation.


India’s ‘Me Too’ movement

It’s a movement that encourages women to speak out about sexual abuse. In India hashtag Me Too has seen politicians, Bollywood figures and journalists accused of sexual misconduct – as women increasingly use social media to speak out. But can the country that global experts called ‘the most dangerous for…


Me Too movement: Simran Suri now accuses Sajid Khan of sexual harassment – Times of India ►

Director Sajid Khan seems to be in deep trouble as more women are coming out each day with new allegations against him. Till now, four women have accu


Journalist TS Sudhir responds to #MeToo allegations against him, claims accuser ‘distorted the truth’ – Firstpost

Journalist TS Sudhir, who was accused of harassment by a woman last week amid the #MeToo movement in India, released a statement, clarifying his stand on the allegation. Sudhir said the tweets shared by former journalist Ratnika Sharma making the claims against him were “economical with the truth” and “have, in fact, distorted the truth”.


MeToo: T-Series’ Bhushan Kumar accused of sexual harassment, he says ‘appalled, anguished’

bollywood Updated: Oct 13, 2018 08:59 IST T-Series chairman Bhushan Kumar has issued a statement denying allegations of trading roles for sexual favours on Friday. Earlier in the day, an unnamed woman had claimed on Twitter that Kumar had called her to a bungalow for a three film deal and threatened to destroy her career if she refused.


The #MeToo movement and its evolution, explained

When protesters took to the streets to protest the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, many of their signs bore two words: “me too.” The words were an expression of solidarity with Christine Blasey Ford, who says that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school, and with a movement that has gained nationwide attention in the last year.


‘Me Too’ on screen: Malayalam films which glorify workplace sexual harassment

The #MeToo movement that began on social media is raging on, calling out a lot of men in power from various professions and organisations. While art often reflects life and vice versa, it’s important to note how some of these terrifying accounts also spoke about how women are generally perceived in cinema and media.


Kundali Bhagya’s Shraddha Arya on MeToo movement: I have a very stark experience that always stayed in my mind | TV news

The past few weeks have been an eye-opener for many. Many women have spoken about the atrocities they have faced in the hands of powerful men and many such stories have been shared over social media where women have garnered up the courage to talk about how they have been harassed by such men.


Kirron Kher on #MeToo: Only a social media movement will not help, need to solve the issue at root level

Kirron Kher will soon be back as the judge of India’s Got Talent. The reality series in its eighth year will also see Malaika Arora Khan and Karan Johar joining Kiron on the judges’ panel.


Me Too movement: YRF’s Ashish Patil sent on administrative leave after sexual harassment allegations – Times of India

The latest name that has come into the light in Me Too movement is that of Ashish Patil, the Talent and Business Head of YRF. Now, some stringent acti


#MeToo: Indian actor Mohanlal under fire from actresses

The Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA), led by superstar Mohanlal, came under fire on Saturday from the Women’s Collective in Cinema (WCC) over the way the kidanpping case of an actress is being handled.


#MeToo in India: Accusations against men can’t be construed as guilt; calculus of probability should account for innocence – Firstpost

If the MeToo movement feels the need to call out and castigate women whom it considers enablers of patriarchy and rape culture, one would expect it to come from the women who are part of the movement. There is something incongruous, if not perhaps inappropriate, in a man writing an article that seeks to pronounce judgment on individual women as enablers of patriarchy.


The Economics of #MeToo and How to Fight Back Against Harassment

A year after the Harvey Weinstein story first broke, India’s own #MeToo movement is finally taking off and spreading like wildfire. Working women are coming forward on social media with stories and details of various forms of sexual harassment and misconduct.


‘Why didn’t she speak up then?’: 8 questions on the ‘Me Too’ movement answered

The #MeToo movement came to India in 2017 when law student Raya Sarkar compiled a list of alleged sexual harassers in the Indian academia. The idea of women speaking up years after the alleged incident and even making these accusations anonymously threw up several questions – and over a year later, they’re still in the air.


A Retired IAS Officer on How the #MeToo Movement Can Use Her Case Against K.P.S. Gill

As the #MeToo storm rages across the country, provoking anger and outrage, and also for the first time a creeping fear in the hearts of serial sexual predators who operated till now with carefree impunity, one woman is watching the developments with quiet satisfaction.


What the good guys need to know about #MeToo – yes, it’s You Too

A revolution is not a runaway train, the philosopher Walter Benjamin famously observed, it is the emergency brake. It is the status quo that is painful, daily life is the crisis. After Raya Sarkar’s list of sexual harassers in academia last year, and a long uncomfortable silence, the MeToo movement has exploded in India.


The Worst Quotes on #MeToo We’ve Heard Lately

But ever since the movement broke out, there’s been a slew of commentary on ‘what the movement sets out to do’. While some have come out and extended massive support to the women who are finally mustering courage to speak against those men in power who made life and work a trauma, some have left us aghast at their (no)pologies or comments.


It’s about time: Rahul Gandhi speaks up on MeToo movement

Giving a fillip to the MeToo movement, Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that it’s about time everyone learns to treat women with respect and dignity. He said he was glad that the space for those not giving women due respect is shrinking.


Bollywood actress who began India #MeToo firestorm

Ex-Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta tells the BBC of the fallout from being “harassed on a set”.


Mouni Roy on #MeToo movement: Hope it doesn’t fizzle out

Actor Mouni Roy, who is busy shooting for her forthcoming film Made in China, is hoping that the # MeToo campaign which has gathered momentum in the country doesn’t fizzle out like other important issues. Reacting on the campaign, Mouni said: “It’s high time that women should speak against harassment that they have faced in their lives.


#MeToo in India: Tanushree Dutta encouraged Vinta Nanda to out her own sexual predator

MUMBAI: Producer and writer Vinta Nanda, who has accused Alok Nath of sexually abusing her almost 20 years ago, has opened up about the #MeToo movement, and how Tanushree Dutta case has encouraged her to speak up. Speaking to ANI, she said, “I was motivated by Tanushree, seeing her speaking up I felt that I should also speak.


#Metoo Movement: Sexual harassment allegations in Mollywood that made headlines | The Times of India

As the second wave of the #Metoo movement is gaining strength in India, especially in the art and media circles, women have come up with shocking allegations about sexual harassment at their workspaces. A movement that started with American actress Alyssa Milano speaking up about her own encounter with sexual predators and encouraging women to speak out about sexual harassment soon spread across the globe.


#MeToo: Chetan Bhagat says he’s not a harasser; allegations have affected him, his family

NEW DELHI: Bestselling author Chetan Bhagat, who has been facing a lot of flak after screenshots of his WhatsApp conversations were leaked on social media, asserted on Wednesday that he is being “attacked and vilified”. “I want you to know that I am suffering because my name is being dragged into needless controversies, and my family and I are being harassed.


#MeToo: Tanushree Dutta files FIR against Nana Patekar, Ganesh Acharya & 2 others

It all started with Harvey Weinstein in 2017 and four months in to 2018 and now with Bill Cosby’s conviction, things are certainly looking up for the #MeToo movement. The number of cases of sexual harassment in Hollywood that have come to light since 2017 has been outstanding.


#MeToo | Companies increase background checks; past cases may be reopened

With several cases of #MeToo surfacing against individuals on social media, companies are not just strengthening background verification of prospective recruits, but are also reopening cases to avoid any legal liabilities. This will mean greater scrutiny of the behavior of potential hires, both senior and junior.


MeToo: Actor Sangeetha recounts multiple incidents of sexual assault in Sandalwood

As part of the ongoing #MeToo campaign movement on Indian social media, Kannada actor Sangeetha Bhat came out with her own story. In a Facebook post, the actor alleged that she had faced sexual assault and misconduct on multiple occasions, and it ultimately compelled her to quit the Sandalwood for good.


#MeToo India: Nandita Das, Meghna Gulzar, Alankrita Shrivastava and others refuse to work with proven offenders

MeToo India: Nandita Das, Meghna Gulzar, Alankrita Shrivastava and others refuse to work with proven offenders | The Indian Express Bollywood’s female directors Alankrita Shrivastava, Gauri Shinde, Kiran Rao, Konkona Sen Sharma, Meghna Gulzar, Nandita Das, Nitya Mehra, Reema Kagti, Ruchi Narain, Shonali Bose and Zoya Akhtar have come together to take a firm stand against sexual harassment.


#MeToo: Director Subhash Ghai accused of drugging, raping woman

Subhash Ghai is the latest Bollywood figure to be accused of rape with an anonymous woman alleging that he spiked her drink and then sexually assaulted her, a claim the director “strictly and firmly” denied on Thursday.


“Shameful” That Companies Do Not Act: Brinda Karat Amid #MeToo Movement

Hyderabad: Senior CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat Wednesday said it was “shameful” that the law dealing with sexual harassment at workplaces was not being implemented in most of the organisations in the country. Ms Karat made the remarks amid the #MeToo movement gaining momentum in the country.


#MeToo in India: AIB loses lucrative deals, may dissolve soon

MUMBAI: The #MeToo movement is taking its toll on popular comedy group AIB, which has lost lucrative deals and assignments worth crores since its members were hit by charges of alleged misconduct and sexual harassment charges. Star India’s video streaming platform ‘ Hotstar’ has already cancelled the third season of ‘On Air with AIB’ midway.


Why MeToo movement in Kollywood will never gain momentum

The #MeToo movement is taking the film industry by storm. It was in October 2017 that the famous #MeToo movement came into existence. American producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment and assault by several Hollywood actresses. The movement soon spread like wildfire and exposed the real face of many influential personalities in Hollywood.


#MeToo Roundup: Suhel Seth, C.P. Surendran Among Media Personalities Accused

New Delhi: Almost a week after the Indian media’s #MeToo movement gathered pace in the wake of allegations against comedian Utsav Chakraborty, women media professionals have continued to come forward to disclose details of harassment by male journalists. Several women have accused former DNA editor in chief C.P.


#MeToo campaign: DCW chief Swati Maliwal writes to PM Modi asking him to remove MJ Akbar

MeToo campaign: DCW chief Swati Maliwal writes to PM Modi asking him to remove MJ Akbar | The Indian Express Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal on Friday said she has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to remove Union Minister and former journalist M J Akbar from his post in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment against him.



#MeToo: Singer Chinmayi Sripaada reveals she was asked to visit poet Vairamuthu in hotel

CHENNAI: Popular singer Chinmayi Sripaada on Monday backed accusations of sexual harassment against veteran Tamil lyricist-poet Vairamuthu by sharing her own story how she was asked to “cooperate” and visit him in a hotel. After endorsing allegations of sexual harassment against Vairamuthu by several users on Twitter in the wake of #MeToo movement, Chinmayi shared her own story to corroborate the reports.

MeToo movement: Ajay Devgn breaks silence, says he will not stand any woman being wronged

Actor Ajay Devgn has come out in support of the MeToo movement, which is sweeping India. The actor has said that he will not tolerate misconduct and has vowed to take action against anyone accused of such behaviour within his company. “I’m disturbed by all the happenings with regards to #MeToo.


Hina Khan on the #MeToo campaign, ‘Consent and submission are NOT the same’ | TV News

Hina Khan is known to voice her opinion no matter what others think of it. The actress has been very vocal about her perception and also makes it a point to comment on serious issues.


#MeToo in Bollywood: Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar Drop Projects Over Allegations Against Directors

Kumar has canceled the shoot of upcoming film ‘Housefull 4’ while separately, Aamir Khan and his wife, producer Kiran Rao, did not name an accused filmmaker since the matter is being legally contested but both said their company had a “zero tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct.”


MeToo makes its entry into pandals, Ram Leela grounds in Delhi

As the city gears up for the festival of Durga puja as well as Ram Leela, devotees thronging the pandals and the grounds set to burn Ravana effigies across the capital will be greeted by themes of women empowerment – inspired by the ongoing #MeToo movement that has taken the country by a storm.


#MeToo: Indian flight attendant accuses Ranatunga of sexual harassment

The former captain is yet to comment on her allegations. Breaking its silence on sexual harassment cases emerging from the Indian entertainment and media industry under the “MeToo” movement. The latest personality who has been accused of sexual harassment is former Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga.


#MeToo: EXCLUSIVE! A renowned actress to open up on her encounter with a famous Bollywood producer – Times of India

The actress has been a part of the filmmaker’s multiple projects in the past. Over several projects, the actress has had instances of harassment that


Outliers 75: Sandhya Menon on life beyond hashtags for India’s #MeToo | FactorDaily

Why are there hardly any women in top roles in Indian newspapers and magazines? The answer is the same for most business sectors and organizations. These companies have sexual predators lurking around at the workplaces who make sure the bright women don’t rise up the ranks, especially if they don’t succumb to their demands.


HC judge supports #MeToo movement – Times of India

File picture (Mumbai High court) Justice Gautam Patel of the Bombay high court expressed his support for the #MeToo movement on Thursday. The judge was speaking at an event organized by the Indian Merchant Chambers’ Ladies Wing. Justice Patel said that the women were naming some powerful persons.


#MeToo in India: Writer-actor Piyush Mishra accused of sexual misconduct by two women, apologises in statement- Entertainment News, Firstpost

Editor’s note: Following Rituparna Chatterjee’s report – Is India’s #MeToo moment here? Women are angry and they are naming and shaming their abusers – Firstpost will publish a series of articles collating personal accounts of those who have made allegations of harassment, along with responses from those who have been accused of such behaviour.


#MeToo: An Open Letter From the Invisible Women Reporters of the Hinterland

We know that this is risky business, speaking from the shadows, from the grave even. We’re not here, really. We’re not meant to be. Yet, when the world outside is aflame, then how can we stay silent?


#MeToo: Rajat Kapoor apologises on Twitter after 2 women bring up 2007 sexual harassment

Indian cinema’s #MeToo movement, inspired by its counterpart in Hollywood where men and women came out in large numbers against harassment caused by media moguls and people in power, has been gaining traction. Over the past few days, a number of well-known personalities have been called out on social media for their inappropriate behaviour towards women.


Woman Names Suhel Seth In #MeToo, Says He “Threw Himself” At Her

Amid the slew of #MeToo allegations, a film director and creative producer yesterday shared a number of screenshots of a lengthy WhatsApp message sent to marketing consultant Suhel Seth recalling an experience she had “buried deeply”. NDTV reached out to him for a comment last night but he has not responded so far.


#MeToo Movement: Producer Bhushan Kumar denies allegations, to lodge complaint with cyber cell to track anonymous Twitter user – Times of India

Producer Bhushan Kumar has denied the sexual harassment allegations against him, saying the claims are being used as a “tool to malign his reputation.


#MeToo: Accused move Delhi high court, seek to restrain woman from airing alleged case on social media

delhi Updated: Oct 12, 2018 07:50 IST An issue relating to #MeToo campaign reached the Delhi high court on Thursday with some persons facing accusations of sexual harassment seeking to restrain the accuser from airing her alleged ordeal on social media or any other platform.


#MeToo: Vikas Bahl shoots off legal notice to Anurag Kashyap, Motwane; accuses professional jealousy at play

NEW DELHI: Days after Phantom Films being dissolved, director Vikas Bahl has sent legal notices to former partners Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, accusing them of defaming him, amid the sexual harassment allegations. Denying all allegations, the ‘Queen’ director has accused them of being “opportunists” who wanted to defame, malign and destroy Bahl’s career out of “professional jealousy”.


#MeToo is not a battle of the sexes. It’s about agency of an individual

In April 2013, on my first trip to India, I travelled to Delhi via Amritsar, and from Atari, K, a Sikh friend of my cousins in Lahore, picked me up to take me to the airport.


#MeToo movement: Aditi Rao Hydari takes a hit at harassers for their apparent hypocrisy – Times of India ►

Me Too movement has officially hit the country in full force and many big names have now come under the scanner. Countless actresses have come out wit


When I shared my #MeToo story, I was humiliated: Kangana Ranaut’s ex-beau speaks up | The Express Tribune

Bollywood starlet Kangana Ranaut recently accused Queen director Vikas Bahl of sexual harassment. However, her ex-beau, Adhyayan Suman has now opened up about how he was humiliated and shamed two years ago when he publicly narrated his story of being physically violated by the starlet.


Chandigarh’s #MeToo: Another alumnus speaks up against St Stephen’s founder, Carver calls it conspiracy

Two days after an alumnus shared his #MeToo account on his personal blog, accusing St Stephen’s School, Sector 45, founder principal and director Harold Carver of making a pass at him, another former student has come forward and called Carver a “sexual predator”.




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